• Do you have a health technology idea just waiting in the wings?
  • Are you eager to innovate inside your health organisation?
  • Is there a health tech project you’re working on right now that you just can’t seem to get over the line?

It might be time to bring in the professionals.

Here at Curve, we specialise in validating and commercialising healthcare projects and ideas by bringing you face to face with industry experts and thought leaders in the health technology space.

No matter where you are on the journey - whether you’ve got an inkling of an idea, are halfway through building your product or heavy into the commercialisation phase we can help you with design, development and strategic thinking to catapult your product forward.

Bespoke Digital Health Workshops

By registering for a customised and interactive Digital Health Workshop with Curve, you get the opportunity to ask your burning digital health questions, concerns and challenges to the people who are living and breathing digital technology in healthcare every day.

The benefits:

  • Bespoke workshop arrangements to suit YOU
  • Lead by industry experts and thought leaders in digital healthcare
  • Interactive and engaging, with a variety of scalable options to suit your needs
  • Detailed reporting and recommendations post-session

Validating your health tech idea

You can arrange your customised workshop experience today to help bring your health tech idea to life!

Simply fill in the form or shoot us an email to start bringing your healthcare innovation to life.

About Curve

Curve Tomorrow is a published and award winning digital healthcare technology company.

Located at the Melbourne Royal Children's Hospital and digital partner of MCRI, we have spent the last 10 years building award winning digital healthcare solutions.




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